European Association for Business and Commerce
Matchmaking & Networking Event for EU-Thai SMEs on 2/2/2017

On 2 march EABC and OSMEP - Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion – co-organised a Matchmaking & Networking Event for EU and Thai SMEs at the BCCT. More than 60 participants from Thai and European companies joined the event and the venue was filled up 100 % and a BIG SUCCESS according to feedback from the participating SMEs and organisors!

Mr. Rolf-Dieter Daniel, President of EABC welcomed the participants and Dr. Wimonkan Kosumas, Deputy Director General of OSMEP made a presentation of OSMEP and how they can support SMEs in different ways.

A presentation on “Updated BOI Investment Promotion Policy” was made by Dr. Bonggot Anuroj, Senior Executive Investment Advisor

Thailand Board of Investment and  "Private Equity Trust for SMEs -Alternative way to grow your business" by Ms.Pattamaporn Chaiyakool, Trust Manager, SMEs Private Equity Trust Fund 2, SME Bank.

All participating companies also made a brief  introduction of their business representing various sectors of the economy. Many of the Thai SMEs are interested to find new markets in Europe and EABC can play a supporting role in this process.

Conclusion and closing remarks were made by EABC President Rolf-Dieter Daniel where he thanked all participating organizations and distinguished speakers and not the least the participating SMEs.

Finally a Networking among all participants and exchanging contacts and sharing experiences was carried out. EABC and OSMEP will plan for the next step in this successful collaboration.
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