European Association for Business and Commerce
BIG14: The Impact of Emergent Technologies


Wednesday 22 March 2017

6:00pm Registration

6:30pm Welcome

6:40pm Panel Discussion and Q&A

7:30pm - 9:00pm Networking & Drinks
@Rembrandt Hotel (map)


AIP Global is organizing panel discussion and networking event "BIG14: The Impact of Emergent Technologies".  

Technological change impacts businesses in many ways, ranging from the way in which businesses market their products, to the myriad of ways in which the users receive and use the product which they have purchased. With the continuous interactivity that comes through the use of smart devices and the advent of technology such as "Virtual Reality", "Internet Of Things (IOT)", and "Machine Based Learning" (amongst others), businesses are given increased options in terms of how they can meet the expectations of their users, in this increasingly technologically driven society. However with such options come potential pitfalls in terms of how to maintain a good balance of resources to take advantage of such technology, without over-embracing technology for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon.

During BIG14, you will learn from our special guest Panelists regarding the use of such technologies within the business landscape, and understand how such technologies can impact the way you do business in 2017 and beyond. More specifically, the special panel discussion will cover the following areas:

  • Benefits of Emergent Technologies, and how it changes the way businesses market to their potential customers

  • How to make use of Emergent Technologies to deliver and/or showcase your product

  • How to decide on what technologies to use without breaking the bank

  • How these technologies can be used in the daily life to make things easier

  • What are the future projections for the use of these technologies in Thailand and abroad 


Special offer for EABC members !!!  500 THB. walk in rate