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EABC meeting with Thailand’s Energy policy makers on Renewable energy issue
The European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC) has called for the transformation of the Thailand’s Solar Energy plan, due to the cheaper cost of solar energy.     EABC has addressed the key factors to support the use of solar energy. According to the research conducted by EABC, the reduction in installation cost, the reduction in financial cost and the improvement in performance of Solar PV Power Plant, have made it possible for solar energy to become cheaper than fossil fuel energy in the next few years. To compare with other conventional sources, renewable Energy, namely Solar PV, is most cost-effective. The EABC therefore encourages the transformation of Thailand’s solar energy plan to increase the use of solar energy in order to prepare the increased power demand in the future.
At the meeting with the Ministry of Energy of Thailand, in July 2017, EABC has recommended and supported the striving towards the improvement of solar energy. As a result of the meeting, Thailand’s energy policymakers are set to revise the national power development plan (PDP). The revised PDP, which will be finalized by the end of 2017, will push for the development of energy storage technology and deregulation of the solar rooftop programme. Mr. Areepong Bhoocha-oom, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy of Thailand, said the existing PDP aims to cut the country’s reliance on natural gas from 70% to 40%. Natural gas will be replaced with renewable energy, clean coal and nuclear power, as well as by power from neighboring countries. As the new plan will set to increase the share of energy produced with renewable resources which expected to climb from 8% to 20% and will revise up the share of renewable energy to 40% by 2036. The revision of the PDP has proved to be the result of successful negotiation between EABC and Ministry of Energy of Thailand.

Source: Syntegra Solar International AG, EABC meeting with the ministry of Thailand on 27 July 2017,
 Large Scale / Scope Utilization of Solar PV – Thailand to enter a New Era in Power Generation.

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