European Association for Business and Commerce
EABC Working Group on Digital Economy and Information and Communication Technology (DE / ICT) provides a business-driven platform for interactive discussion and formulation of consolidated positions on key Digital Economy / ICT issues facing service providers, network operators, broadcasters, technology platform and solution providers and many others in the Digital Economy / ICT value chain, and in addition business and other user groups.
With the aim to ultimately promote the long-term competitiveness of the DE / ICT  industry and enhance Thailand’s attractiveness as the investment destination in this sector, EABC aims to leverage European business know-how and expertise, (in addition to the deep experience of its local European-related members)  towards identifying as well as making strategic recommendations for clarification and further improvement of  policies, regulations and programmes affecting the DE / ICT  industry and European business players.  The strategic value of DE / ICT  sectors is well recognized; a thriving, innovative, competitive and attractive telecoms sector for example has a multiplier effect on the overall economy.
Mr. Robert Fox
ICT Working Group Chair/ Regional Director Asia Pacific
SPBTV Asia Pte Ltd
Next Working Group meeting : 28 January 2016
For more information or enquiries on the EABC ICT Working Group,
please contact Mr. Chaladbhum Temkasem Policy Manager